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Designed for Ease of Entry and Reduced Trauma

Smooth Transitions

  • Smooth transitions facilitate ease of entry with lower insertion force*
  • Improved kink resistance and lubricity enhance pushability while maintaining device integrity**
  • Long, gradually tapered tip reduces potential for vessel trauma

Excellent Catheter Passage

  • Silicone-coated valve and smooth inner surface promote device passage
  • Tricuspid valve design promotes hemostasis

Ease of Use

  • Innovative dilator/hub twist-lock for safety and security during insertion
  • Translucent hub allows visibility
  • Rotating suture wing allows for sheath securement

Device Highlights

  • Sheaths are available in 5cm, 7cm, 11cm and 25cm lengths with French sizes ranging from 4-9Fr.
    All sheaths are sold with dilators.
  • Dilator lengths are 17cm (11cm sheath) and 31cm (25cm sheath).




Medikit's Angiographic Catheter

  • A superior catheter for the visualization of the coronary artery and left ventricle.
  • Triple wired braiding provides a high level of torque transference, back-up, and kink-resistance.

KJ Type(Coronary Artery)

 KJ Type(Coronary Artery)

Superb torque transference abilities

F Type(Left Ventricle)

F Type(Left Ventricle)

Pus hability and backup

Inquire Mongoose to PediaVascular Inc.

Meito Masamune


PTCA Sheathless Guiding Catheter for the radial approach

  • 5.3Fr Guiding catheter comparable in size to a 3Fr sheath
  • Available in varying tip shapes

Product Configuration

  • Basic Set: 5.3Fr Guiding Catheter and Dilator



The Technology


Case 1

MEITO MASAMUNE 5.3Fr JL3.5. One Catheter Only Strategy

LCA & RCA confirmation with one same catheter.
Thrombotic Occlusion of distal RCA at the Crux.
Restoration of flow after wiring and thromboaspiration.
Significant bifurcation lesion RCA/RDP. Deep seating of Guiding Catheter. Second wire in RDP. Drug Eluting Stenting with 3.0/18.